DC Generators and Motors E- Book
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generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by using the principle of magnetic induction. This principle is explained as follows: Whenever a conductor is moved within a magnetic field in such a way that the conductor cuts across magnetic lines of flux, voltage is generated in the conductor.

  • Effects Of Addıng Addıtıonal Coıls And Poles
  • Compensatıng Wındıngs And Interpoles
  • Voltage Regulatıon
  • Parallel Operatıon Of Generators
  • Motor Reactıon In A Generator
  • Generator Constructıon


The dc motor is a mechanical workhorse, that can be used in many different ways. Many large pieces of equipment depend on a dc motor for their power to move. The speed and direction of rotation of a dc motor are easily controlled. This makes it especially useful for operating equipment, such as winches, cranes, and missile launchers, which must move in different directions and at varying speeds.

DC Generators and Motors E- Book

  • Prıncıples Of Operatıon
  • Counter Emf
  • Motor Loads
  • Practıcal Dc Motors
  • Serıes Dc Motor
  • Shunt Motor
  • Compound Motor
  • Dırectıon Of Rotatıon
  • Motor Speed
  • Anual And Automatıc Starters
  • Counter-Electromotıve Force


DC Generators and Motors E- Book


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